Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

John_McIntire_2001 Veda_Reed_2001 George_Hunt_2002 Hamlett_Dobbins_2001 Huger Foote 2001 Lamar_Sorrento_2001 Don_Estes_2002 Jan_Hankins_2002 Lurlynn_Franklin_2002 Meikle_Gardner_2002 Nikki_Lee_2002 Colin_McLain_2002 Larry_Edwards_2002 Melissa_Dunn_2002 NJ_Woods_2002 Paul_Graham_2002 Pinkney_Herbert_2003 Richard_Knowles_2003 Wayne_Edge_2003 Fred_Burton_2003 Beth_Edwards_2004 John_McIntire_2004 John_Torina_2004 Phyllis_Boger_2004 Susan_Maakestad_2004 Twin_2004 Terri_Jones_2004 David_Hall_2005 Brian Russell Grier_Edmundson_2005 Ian_Lemmonds_2005 James_Clar_2006 Joyce_Gingold_2005 Larry_Edwards_2005 Pinkney_Herbert_2005 Tommy_Foster_2005 Anne_Davey_2006 Bobby_Spillman_2006 Declan_Clarke_2006 Greely_Myatt_2006 Kong_Wee_Pang_2006 Robert_Riseling_2006 Anthony_Lee_2007 Jared_Small_2007 Maysey_Craddock_2007 Roy_Tamboli_2007 Jed_Jackson_2007-2008 Edwin McSwine 2008 Christopher Miner 2008 John_Robinette_2008 Matt_Ducklo_2008 Morris_Howard_2008 Pixy_Liao_2008 Tam_Tran_2008 Frank_D_Robinson_2009 Greely_Myatt_2009 Jay_Etkin_2009 Jeri_Ledbetter_2009 Margaret_Munz-Losch_2009 Mary_Catherine_Floyd_2009 Ben_Butler_2010 Carl_Moore_2010 Chuck_Johnson_2010 Claire_Torina_2010 Eli_Gold_2010 Hamlett_Dobbins_2010 Huger_Foote_2010 Jay_Crum_2010 Robin Salant Warble_Harrison_2011 Carroll Todd Derrick_Dent_2011 Elizabeth_Alley_2011 Erin_Harmon_2011 Nick_Pena_2011 Amanda_Sparks_2012 Andrew_James_Williams_2012 Dwayne_Butcher_2012 Frieda Hamm Laurel_Sucsy_2012 Terri_Jones_2012 Veda_Reed_2012 Cat_Pena_2013 Lester_Merriweather_2013

Memphis is a city that exudes creativity and stands for artistic excellence. Present Tense: New Art from Memphis runs at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens from February 3 through April 14, 2013, and captures the energy and diversity of the city's contemporary art scene from 2001 to the present. Featuring 100 works from more than sixty Memphis-area artists, 'Present Tense' reveals the spark of creativity that makes our city such a vibrant and fascinating place to visit and to live. Guest curator John Weeden has selected outstanding works that inform, provoke, and excite the imagination of the city that inspired them. Read the Curator's Essay.

As a companion show, Weeden has chosen, and the Dixon will exhibit, an amazing group of works by talented local high school students. This exhibition of artists in progress demonstrates how dedicated educators in Memphis are working hard to cultivate the next generation of creative people for our city.

WKNO Interview (12:34)

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