Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Ian Lemmonds
c-print, 36x30

Artist Ian Lemmonds

Courtesy of the artist, Ian Lemmonds

Ian Lemmonds is a photographer with a long history of creative production in the city. He has featured in numerous exhibitions locally for years, and coordinated visiting artists' residencies with the now defunct Lantana Projects. His work often seeks to convey a sense of wonder within a moment of discovery. Of this Untitled (Goldfish) image, he writes "The son has his arm thrown upward in joyful exultation. He is amazed at this site. His father's right hand is down. He isn't really surprised or affected by this mysterious glowing thing…However, a large cord comes from the fish's side. It is the source of the fish's glow. The father realizes this. He knows the secret: The fish isn't real. The young boy seems to not notice or care about the electrical cord. He is allowing the 'magic' of the moment and object affect him."

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