Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Grier Edmundson
Memphis - Spring 2005 #2
oil on canvas, 9x14

Artist Grier Edmundson

From the collection of James K. Patterson

Originally from Memphis where he was a student of the renowned Central High School art teacher, Bill Hicks, Edmundson went on to show in numerous exhibitions internationally, including solo projects with Fourteen 30 Contemporary (Portland) Washington Garcia Gallery (Glasgow) and the Power House (Memphis), as well group shows with Art:Concept (Paris), Groeflin Maag Galarie (Basel) and Art News Projects (Berlin). Edmundson is currently based in Montreal.

Memphis: Spring 2005 #2 (2005) is painted in such a manner that the face appears ghostlike, or as if emerging from a fog. Produced as one in a series of works exploring complex Southern clich├ęs, the image depicts the Scarlett O'Hara character from the film Gone With the Wind. Edmundson portrays the fictional heroine in a moment of apprehension, his delicate handling of paint accomplishing an ethereal effect.

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