Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

James Clar
3D Display Cube
LEDs, microcontroller, acrylic and wire, 12x12x13

Artist James Clar

Collection of Eric Mathews

James Clar was a visiting artist hosted by Lantana Projects in 2006. The short-lived residency program brought over a dozen artists to Memphis to make new work while learning about the city in an effort to develop collaborative relationships between local artists and those living in other parts of the world. Since his Memphis sojourn Clar's work has been featured in exhibitions internationally, and has become known for his explorations of art and technology.

He describes this piece in the following manner: "For the 3D Display Cube, the work deals with how I analyze and breakdown visual mediums. The Cube came about by analyzing television and it's limitations. The limitations of TV are that it's a flat 2D display, so I thought if I could come up with a system that places pixels in true 3d with spatial values, then I could make true 3D animations. It's an early work where I'm trying to understand light and how to manipulate it to create new artistic systems."

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