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Terri Jones
1 of 4, cast glass

Artist Terri Jones

Jones has long been recognized as one of the few artists locally to focus on the engagement, activation, or manipulation of spatial perception as a presiding current in her work. Using minimal interventions into the existing architecture of various places, her installations affect the way viewers comprehend the orientation of the world and their place within it.

Wedge, was first installed at the Power House in 2004 as a response to the history of that space as a steam-generating power plant.  The color red responds to the notion of heat and the actual process of casting glass (i.e. molten, liquefied by heat).  By definition, a wedge causes a breach or a separation.  In the Dixon's gallery Wedge defines the intersection of the floor and the blank wall of the exhibition space.  The act of forcefully driving a fragile glass wedge seems doomed for destruction. 

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