Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

David Hall
assemblage, 16.5x14x3.5"

Artist David Hall

Courtesy of the artist, David Hall

David Hall is an artist, teacher, and art critic that wrote extensively for the Memphis Flyer from 1999-2003. His work is motivated by the idea of unleashing a process of contemplation mediated through the material of the work. Of his work, he states: "My highest aspiration in life is to live in the present moment, attentive to my mind stream and to proceed with contemplation and wonder."

'BFTI' (2005), is an acronym for the phrase 'Burning From The Inside', as if the creative spark that inspires the act of art making is something that is bursting to be released from somewhere deep within the artist. Constructed from the remnants of a printing block destroyed in a fire, Hall credits the influence of Greely Myatt's use of untraditional materials and an uncontrived passion for life shared by University of Memphis professor Richard Knowles for this piece.

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