Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Colin McLain
Tex Skull
oil on canvas, 72x50"

Artist Colin McLain

Courtesy of the artist, Colin McLain

Tex Skull (2003) is a part of a larger series that plays on a pun about the 'death' of painting, long a subject of critical debate in contemporary art journalism. "I was trying to use the paint (it's energy, the drips), and high keyed color to reanimate the cadavers that were the subject. The paintings were painted flat on a table, so one curator suggested I was like Dr. Frankenstein leaning over my creation. I always liked that." McLain was part of a group of artists that produced independent exhibitions as a part of the Art Workers Union in the storied Plan B art space in Cooper Young during the late 1990's. A Memphis native, McLain has lived and worked in New York for several years while continuing to exhibit locally.

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