Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Andrew James Williams
Trunk of Life
two tone clay, 8ftx7ftx7ft

Artist Andrew James Williams

Courtesy of the artist, Andrew James Williams

Williams began making parts of what would become Trunk of Life as a result of his interest in fractal-based building methods.  As the parts grew he became more aware of the mechanics of its structural integrity as well as how the connections made by its 23 separate pieces of two-tone clay of varying sizes make use of gravity to hold the entire sculpture together. Williams says he is intrigued with ceramics because of "its complex nature of fragility and structural strength, as well as its collective history throughout human existence."

With its modular parts, the sculpture is amorphous. The shape of its overall construction changes with every separate installation. The warm natural color of the clay lends allusions to tree forms, adding to interpretations of the work as a living, growing being.

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