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Pinkney Herbert
Fire Fall
oil on canvas, 67x54

Artist Pinkney Herbert

Courtesy of David Lusk Gallery

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, painter Pinkney Herbert attended Rhodes College before completing his MFA at the University of Memphis. With his dynamic, gestural brushstrokes and vibrant color palette, Herbert's style is one of the most distinctive in the city. He routinely travels to teach across the nation and abroad, and has featured in exhibitions locally and nationally for decades. In 1992 he converted a former automotive garage into a gallery and artists' studios complex called Marshall Arts in the Edge District of Downtown Memphis. The space has since become a mainstay of the visual art culture, serving as the venue for hundreds of art exhibitions and creative events.

Fire Fall (2005) represents the duality of creation and destruction of fire, an elemental force of nature that has the power to give life as well as take it.

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