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The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Matt Ducklo
Young Girl with Flowers in her Hair, 1865-70, The Dixon Gallery and Gardens
chromogenic print, 40x50

Artist Matt Ducklo

Courtesy of the artist, Matt Ducklo

This image is part of a series by photographer Matt Ducklo of visually impaired individuals as they interact with world-renowned sculptures from major institutions using their sense of touch. Museums set up "Touch Tours" for blind visitors, giving them the opportunity to interact with famous sculptures in the only way they can. The photographs are not staged; Ducklo captures individuals as they become familiar with iconic works of art in a way that most visitors do not get to experience them. Of course, by touching a sculpture and having someone tell you about the artist and the historical context of the piece, a blind person have a meaningful engagement with the work and come away with a different experience. Matt Ducklo is a Memphis native who completed his Masters of Fine Art with the Yale University Photography program. He currently lives in Memphis, where he founded the Tops Gallery project space in 2012.

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