Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Lamar Sorrento
Big Star
Acrylic on panel, 24x24

Artist Lamar Sorrento

From the collection of Ardent Studios

A self-taught artist who is also a noted guitar player in local music circles, Lamar Sorrento is known for his folk art style paintings of the musicians he most admires. His murals are found in restaurants, recording studios, parking garages, and downtown alleyways. His paintings on wood panel are included in private and corporate collections across the nation and abroad. In Big Star, he shows the local band of the 1970's in front of the local grocery store that inspired their name. The four band members, Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens and Andy Hummel recorded their album #1 Record at Ardent Studios on Madison Avenue in 1972, with Radio City following in 1974. By the time their final record Third came out the band was over in 1978 with the death of Bell in a tragic car accident. Although the group was short lived, their music was highly influential to scores of musicians that would follow in their wake, contributing to what has since become known as the 'power pop' genre.

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