Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Jed Jackson
oil on wood, 11x14

Artist Jed Jackson

Courtesy of the Duane Reed Gallery

Jackson studied art at Rhodes College and the Memphis College of Art, and now teaches painting at the University of Memphis. Inspired by his childhood love of the Sherlock Holmes movies of the 1940s, 221B (2007-08) refers to the famous detective's storied street address on London's Baker Street. Jackson's work invokes an idealized fantasy realm, depicting the polymath playing a violin while wearing a velvet smoking jacket. Jackson says "I wanted to live in 221b Baker Street. The Morrocan bound books, the waft of fragrant luxuriant tobaccos and teas mixed with the aromas of licit and illicit chemicals and the sound of well loved musical instruments, padded leather chairs and bizarre arcana, Bokhara rugs, Edison Diamond Disc players etc. created a perfect lair for pursuing the life of the mind. In the end my studio is such a place, sans exotic rugs. For me the studio is a machine for stimulating the mind, much like 221b Baker Street."

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