Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Jared Small
Shoot 2
oil on board, 48x35

Artist Jared Small

From the collection of Regions Insurance

Jared Small grew up in Memphis. He's fascinated by those parts of the city where decaying houses and overgrown lots occupy a no-man's land type of territory in between the positive postcard images proclaimed by the chamber of commerce. He paints these edifices in a manner of realism that frays at the edges, as if these places might disappear like so many half-forgotten ghosts. He expresses his practice as, "…trying to accomplish a dream-like state…I'm imagining other people's memories – fading, but still there." Shoot 2 depicts a 'shotgun' house floating in a cloud of white pigment, punctuated by a pale yellow dash of a door.

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