Present Tense

The Art of Memphis, 2001-Now

Bobby Spillman
The Daily Ritual
oil and graphite on canvas, 72x66

Artist Bobby Spillman

Courtesy of the artist, Bobby Spillman

"My painting, The Daily Ritual was painted after observing the pre-dinner service rituals of the kitchen staff from the restaurant Bari, which is located below my studio. The cooks would break once prep was over, and they would sit outside drinking coffee and ramble about sports, music, food, etc. before the dinner service would begin. Due to the normal pyromaniac tendencies of most kitchen workers, they would lite the leftover delivery boxes on fire while they took their break. It always seemed ritualistic to me. The fire itself was hypnotic, and more so when I was off work and could watch from the window up above the kitchen. I loved the colors and the way the flames seemed to split into shapes and chase each other." 

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