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Beth Edwards
oil on canvas, 38x32, 1/2 diptych

Beth Edwards
oil on canvas, 38x32, 2/2 diptych

Artist Beth Edwards

From the collection of The Rev. Audrey Gonzalez

Beth Edwards is a longstanding professor at the University of Memphis and is a member of the inaugural group of local artists selected for the UrbanArt Commission's Mural Training Program in 2011. She describes her fascination with toys as a subject in the following manner "These paintings record and commemorate the overblown sentimentality, unsettling narratives and peculiar characterizations that particular toys exemplify. I wish for these images to elicit a memorable and evocative quality through ineffable means - to provide unexpected complexity and weight to these seemingly innocuous things."

Sunup is the optimistic counterpart to the rather foreboding, Sundown.

Sundown is a pessimistic image of a doll in a state of distress over the closing of the day. The character exemplifies apprehension and unease. The doll in Sunup exudes confidence and embraces possibility.

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